‘Magat Dam is Coming to Town’: Assuring IP’s Rights

That’s the word, and you’re right. Another Magat Dam, but in another name and greater in electric-generating capacity, is being eyed in Ifugao. A 390-megawatt (MW) hydroelectric power plant which will be known as Alimit Hydropower Complex is taking underway by SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) Group here at the middle of the province covering the municipalities of Aguinaldo, Lagawe, Lamut, and Mayoyao.

Nonetheless, one might wonder and some may not even bother knowing what is this all about—its impacts and effects to the Ifugao province as a cultural community in terms of environmental, cultural, social, economic, and political aspects. But, I guess even if you’re at the middle of reading this article, I still suppose, you wouldn’t care, right? I admit it. I myself didn’t care since it was first conceived many years ago not until I was prompted by an opportunity to be part of it. Well, I say, you should. Less than 10 years from now, you would wish you should have really cared.

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