Ifugao Settlements of Disputes: A Rule of Culture

Justice delayed. Justice denied. – A long-lived feature that slowly discolored our once vivid society for centuries under an alien rule of law. But, as far as history could resoundingly bring into light the reality about our Ifugao ancestors, did you know that despite the absence of aristocratic or monarchial authority to generally supervise their community, their ways of life were actually exemplified with a regime of truth, justice, freedom, love, and peace? And for simpler yet colorful and eloquent words to paint, harmony filled everybody’s atmosphere.

Conflicts and disputes of self-interest may challenge their linkage to one another; still, harmonious relationships served all the hospitable Ifugao people to live in oneness and peace. Social standings may be acknowledged during the olden times; however, everybody still submits to the community’s council no matter what his standing is.

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